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Carotenoids are pigments whose color can vary mainly from yellow to red and are synthesized naturally by all green plants, algae, but also bacteria. They are therefore widely used as food colorants. Carotenoids have, moreover, an essential role to play in the diet because many of them are precursors of vitamin A, but especially have a strong antioxidant power. Finally, since they are fat-soluble, they are generally very well assimilated by the body. Vidya Europe offers a range of natural carotenoids in several forms (powder, beadlets, oil suspension, emulsion, cws, ...) and several standardization. 


Heamatococcus pluvialis

Natural Beta-Carotene

Blakeslea trispora Fungi

Natural Mixed Carotene

Dunahella salina Alga


Tagetes erecta


Solanum lycopersicum

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