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In addition to its wide range of extracts, Vidya Europe can count on several registered trademarks, guaranteeing extracts with very high added value, backed by clinical studies demonstrating their effectiveness.

Available in organic


AfperFIT® is a supercritical CO2 extract of maniguette pepper containing over 2% 6-Paradol. AfperFIT® has been clinically demonstrated to stimulate all three types of fatty tissue (white, brown and BRITE). Our extract will increase fat and carbohydrate consumption and therefore allow weight loss without negative effect on muscle mass. Clinical results also showed that subjects increased their mental quality of life, without altering physical perception, indicating a certain self-esteem. 

An extract with 10% 6-Paradol as oleoresin is also available. 


Our ASDAMARIN® extract is an effective natural alternative that simultaneously reharmonizes the relationship between the liver and stomach to relieve functional dyspepsia, aid digestion and improve quality of life for sufferers in these times of stress and anxiety.

With ingredients dedicated entirely to consumer needs, validated by historical use and modern science, Vidya Herbs helps consumers improve their health and quality of life.


CGA-7™ COMPLEX is a 100% natural green coffee (Arabian Coffee) extract containing over 50% chlorogenic acids that has been developed and clinically proven to work for weight loss. This complex reduces fat absorption, controls blood sugar and has antioxidant properties in the body. This extract is available in organic form.


SKINCERA® is a 100% natural konjac extract from Japan, containing 5% glycosylceramides and clinically proven to benefit the skin. SKINCERA® works to strengthen the skin's barrier function by moisturising and softening the skin and also reduces the signs of ageing. 


SUNCA® is a 100% natural sunflower seed extract containing over 40% chlorogenic acids and 50% total polyphenols. The action of SUNCA® on weight loss and the regulation of the lipid profile, thus reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease, has also been clinically proven. This product does not contain caffeine and can therefore be an alternative to green coffee, which is also known for its slimming properties. 


VI-Active® is a 100% natural turmeric extract (monitored by HPLC, DNA and 14C) standardised to 95% curcuminoids and formulated with natural biostimulants such as turmeric oil and sunflower oil, making it unique in the market. Clinical studies have been conducted to prove that VI-Active® Turmeric Extract has better bioavailability than a standard turmeric extract. This extract is available in organic form.


VI-spo® is a 100% natural (DNA proven) Saw palmetto extract, grown in the USA and standardised to 85-95% fatty acids and 2% B-sitosterol which makes it unique on the market and enhances its action on prostate and alopecia. Clinically proven, VI-spo® improves urinary comfort, sex life and quality of life in mature men. Extracted by Super Critical CO₂, VI-spo® is offered in an oily and clean label form.


Viwithan® is a 100% natural Ashwagandha root extract, standardised to 8% withanolides including 5% withaferin A. Clinical studies have been conducted to demonstrate the adaptogenic properties of this extract, including improving brain function, mood, and providing protection against cellular damage caused by free radicals. This extract is available in organic form.

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